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asset manager

Transparent and successful – this is how we have been managing assets for decades. When Franz Hunkeler founded his company in 1993, he was already committed to independence – for the benefit of his clients. In the meantime, generational changes have taken place on both the client and the management side. In 2014, Sebastian Hunkeler took over his father’s company and in 2016 formed an office partnership with Sven Lötscher, who also ran his own wealth management firm. With the vision to further expand the service quality, together with the financial analysts Michel Wicki and Fabian Zellweger Valvest Partners AG was founded one year later and the existing companies were united under one roof.


Our Swiss charitable foundation Eranus predominantly supports children in need, especially in states with high poverty or in crisis areas. One of the Eranus Foundation’s main focuses in the humanitarian field is on supporting orphanages and local hospitals. In addition to the humanitarian side, recognized animal welfare organizations are also supported. The foundation works altruistically. It does not pursue any profit-making or self-help purposes.


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