Traditionally different, traditionally successful.

As an independent asset management company, we pursue our own path – always in your interest, with success. We invest with a long time horizon in companies of superior quality. We pay particular attention to stable business models and steady cash flows. In addition to quality, the valuation of companies is crucial to the investment success. We continuously follow all significant developments, talk to the management and only invest if all criteria are met.



Only if a company holds up against our in-depth analysis and we are convinced of its long-term positive outlook, we consider making an investment.

Resilient investment


We invest in companies with stable earnings and low levels of debt so they can weather difficult economic conditions.



We cultivate personal client relationships across generations. We value the trust placed in us and strive to surpass our clients’ expectations.

and transparency


As an independent asset manager, we represent the interests of our clients without exception. The portfolio is transparent as we exclusively invest in direct investments.

We are not a bank.
We prefer to be

Sven Lötscher

As an independent asset manager, we exclusively represent your
interests – in accordance with your needs and investment horizon.

External incentive structures are alien to us. We are genuinely transparent.

Peter Keller

We do not need extrinsic incentives, product or sales targets to manage your assets. Your satisfaction is all that matters to us. A personal contact person is always there for you. This is how customer relationships are formed and maintained over generations.

We invest for our customers. And we invest ourselves.

Sebastian Hunkeler

As independent entrepreneurs, we also take a stake in the companies we invest in for our clients. We believe in our portfolio and see ourselves as long-term shareholders of the carefully selected companies.

We know what analysts are recommending. But we prefer to analyze everything ourselves.

Michel Wicki

Investment research is of utmost importance to us. Before making an investment, we go through an in-depth analysis. We study business reports, gain industry insight and take a close look at all financials of the past several years.

We know the numbers.
But we prefer to
ask questions.

Fabian Zellweger

To grade companies with all their opportunities and risks, our analysis goes far beyond studying numbers. We speak directly with the company’s management and industry experts. This is elementary to assess the future prospects of a company.

We track trends & news. But we think for the long-term.

Dr. Christian Bührer-Borsari

Trends often promise large short-term gains. We are aware of current developments, but for us the following always applies: the quality must be convincing in the long term. We only invest in companies with understandable and sustainable business models. This trend is always in fashion.

We don't know what tomorrow will bring. But we are prepared.

Sandro Zbinden

The world is changing constantly and so do markets. We are prepared for that: We invest in stable companies that can weather challenging economic conditions. We have structured our clients’ portfolios robustly by considering the present and preparing for the future.