«Resilient business models with steady cash flows»


We do not track indexes, but analyze every company on our own.


We only use direct investments. No products, sales targets or conflicts of interests.


We invest in companies with future-oriented products and a sustainable corporate culture.


We invest for the long-term and keep in contact with the management.


We pay attention to steady cash flows and low debt levels.


We invest with patience and discipline.

Our focus lies on participating in the long-term success of superior companies. We pay particular attention to stable business models and steady cash flows. A resilient balance sheet with low debt ratios is key to guard a company against adverse events and therefore plays an important role in our evaluation process.

The success of an investment is not only determined by the quality of the company, but also by the attractiveness of its valuation. Thus, we actively follow the development of the company, directly access the management for information and consequently only invest if the combination of quality and valuation is attractive.